Founder: Ricky Green


Hello Friends I am Ricky Green. I was born in Americus, Georgia. I’m the Founder and President of GreenHouse Support Inc. I bring over 15 years of Management Experience to this organization. Before starting this organization, I have spent the last 20-plus years in Corrections, Security, and Personal Caregiver to Elderly and Disabled Individuals. I’m a father, husband, and business owner. I received my high school education from Americus High School and as a Patient Care Technician from Georgia Medical Institute. Having a spirit to help others motivated me to do more. Being Homeless at 22 years old for more than a year in Metro- Atlanta changed my life. Waking up in an abandoned car on the private property trying not to be seen or arrested was a job within itself. Being homeless was a result of my irresponsible decision-making with my finances and no clue of how the real world operated. Trying to find work daily, figuring out how I would eat, and catching the Marta Bus were all foreign to me. I grew up in rural South Georgia (Americus) where I had never seen a homeless person or even a public transit bus. Navigating through the streets of Atlanta wasn’t easy especially not knowing many people. I was often afraid and lonely but determined not to return to Americus and admit that I failed. I was introduced to the Rice Street Shelter, where I quickly realized that shelter life was almost as bad as walking the streets. I met Mr. Isiah Browning (a resident at the shelter) at the shelter one night and he asked me my name and how such a young man as I was ended up in a place like this. I began to tell him my story and he told me his story. The next morning Mr. Browning caught up with me as I was exiting the shelter and said, “Ricky if you allow me, I want to try and help you”. I said okay what do I need, to get on my feet?’ Mr. Browning said, “follow me”. As we got on the Marta Train, he said, “the first thing you need to know about the streets is that it owes you nothing and everyone has a game”. As we approached Garnett Transit Station Mr. Browning said, “this is our stop, come on”. We went downstairs and we were at the Greyhound Bus Station. He said, “Ricky you’re just a kid with no street savvy or no idea how to survive out here. When people look at you, they see a scared little boy who has no clue what is he doing here. I called ahead and it cost $26.50 to get you on a bus back to Americus Ga, go home to your family”. I respectfully declined and walked off. Mr. Browning chased me down and said, “Okay I see you are serious so let me help you”. Mr. Browning started helping me daily with meals, job searches, and knowledge about living in general. Soon I found a a job cleaning up Home Depot with a Janitorial Service Company. I saved enough money to move into an Extended Stay Lodge. When I offered Mr. Browning to stay with me at the Extended Stay, he declined and said his home was the shelter and that was where he belonged. I didn’t understand at the time but after frequent visits and hanging out with him until his death I understood his reasoning and generosity. Mr. Browning explained that helping others was his way of giving back to his community and gaining peace within his own life. Today I want to be a Mr. Browning in as many individuals’ lives as possible. GreenHouse Support Inc will allow me and you to do so. Making an impact in the lives of others creates such peace of heart. Partner with us to be that bridge of peace for others.